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Development and Sourcing


We have creative and experienced designers who are constantly keeping up our collections fresh and trendy based on trend setters, major trend advisers, and world wide shows. Our experience allows us to work with companies that serve different customer segments which all have specific needs.


For the best service we would appreciate for you to let us know which specific strategy your company is aiming



After selecting a model, we will give you the best customer service possible to work with the model details and to have quick changes that would fit your company more whether the reason is price or quality.

Fabric Production


After the order is given, we will start working with our key fabric producers. In the meantime we will get ready for garment production with the digital pattern making machines that our modelling team is  working with. We inspect and test our raw materials to minimize defects.



Garment Production 

At this stage cutting and sewing takes part. We use best machinery and trained labor work to prevent defects. Our quality inspectors audit quality samples and checks the conditions of the process.  


Quality Control 

Our main mission in quality control is to discover any defects before it reaches to our customers, therefore we use the latest technologies in quality control to protect our reliability principle. 

Packaging and Shipping 


At this point we take the most suitable packaging and shipping standards that fit our customers logistics and inventory management needs. 


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